What is the BIA

A Business Improvement Association (BIA) is an association of businesses that covers a specific geographical area, and can only be bia-office-whatisestablished through a by-law passed by the municipal council at request of the local business community.

The Streetsville BIA was formed in 1979 by local business owners, and since then has grown to include all of the businesses in the Streetsville area that fall into the dedicated BIA boundaries.

The Streetsville BIA’s mission is to maintain and promote a vibrant business community within the historic Village of Streetsville dedicated to serving the needs of local businesses and residents.

The Streetsville BIA falls under the direction of a volunteer Board of Management who meets monthly to deal with a full range of agenda items that impact Streetsville. Standing Committees meet on a regular basis and Ad Hoc Committees are struck as required.


bia-members-circleThe Streetsville BIA has many purposes including:

  • Management of beautification and maintenance of the village
  • Promoting communication and unification among business owners
  • Making Streetsville a more convenient and attractive place to do business
  • Marketing and promoting Streetsville as a destination
  • The Streetsville BIA and its board are always looking for new sponsors, volunteers and new members for its various committees. Please contact us for more information.


Streetsville Board of Directors

  • Todd Ladner - Ladner’s Clothiers
Vice Chair
  • Al Yeomans - Queen Spectacle
  • Harold Johnson - MBS Financial Group
Marketing Director
  • Charmaine Tavares - Second Cup
Promotions Co-Director
  • Jessica Iatomasi - Mondello Ristorante


Promotions Co-Director
  • Christian Kennerney - Strings Attached Music


Promotions/Hospitality Director
  • Jessica Iatomasi - Mondello Ristorante
Beautification Director
  • Todd Smith - W.N. Atkinson Insurance Ltd.
Maintenance Director & Business Development Director
  • Tony Asta - Crafted Décor
  • Noush Tahtadjian - Dentistry in Streetsville
  • Peter Lebesis - Body & Soul Day Spa
  • David Gouveia  - Digital Dream Productions Inc.
City Councillor
  • George Carlson - Ward 11
Parking Director
  • Vacant



General Manager
  • Jocelyne Fleming Clancy
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 905-858-5974
Administrative Assistant
  • Kim Bunting
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 905-858-5974